Horizontal Single Screw Extruders


Boston Matthews design and manufacture a range of extruders specifically for the processing of a wide range plastics including Fluorocarbons and High Temperature materials such as PEEK.

Decades of Screw design experience covering a wide span of materials ensures the best processing conditions are applied for each specific application, material or project.

Designed and developed using over 65 years' plastics processing experience Boston Matthews Single-Screw Extruders provide the optimum performance and the highest quality at all times.

AC Direct-Drive Technology provides consistent and precision speed holding and when combined with advanced screw design the highest level of product quality output is ensured.

All extruders incorporate the latest energy efficient technology such as direct-drive.

All routine maintenance can be carried out by the operator without any need for specialized maintenance personnel to be called allowing for minimal disruption to production.

Boston Matthews extruders have been designed for long service and are fully supported by dedicated Spare Parts Departments.

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