PPM : Boston Matthews combines extruder, co-extruder on one foundation

Plastics Machinery Manufacturing
David Tillet
May, 2023
The Compact Single Base offers precise alignment control and space savings.

Compact Single Base The latest co-extrusion offering from Boston Matthews, which offers extrusion and co-extrusion technologies, is the Compact Single Base, which features a main extruder and vertical jockey co-extruder mounted to the same foundation. A single, color touch-screen Boston Matthews Smart controller provides central control for both extruders, with recipe storage, alarms and network connectivity.

What’s new? The Compact Single Base range.

Benefits Precise alignment control and space savings. Earlier products support the jockey co-extruder on a mobile base with lockable wheels or rails, but this arrangement could in some cases make alignment less precise, opening up the possibility for human error or damage to tooling. The turnkey Compact Single Base provides precise, repeatable movement for the co-extruder, including up and down, forward and back, and a complete 270-degree swivel for simpler, faster setup. The vertical orientation of the jockey co-extruder also saves floor space. It comes in a range of extruder and jockey co-extruder sizes. It can work in any co-extrusion application, such as multi-layer or stripe, with a variety of available polymers, including polyetheretherketone and fluorocarbons.