Mini Munchy

Munchy are one of the originators of recycling within the plastics industry.

Munchy has a long association with the Blown Film Industry.
We understand the outputs required and the need for a small, energy efficient, non-intrusive unit which can operate alongside the main production systems:


Small, Compact Footprint

Designed specifically to be positioned alongside a Blown Film Line the mini Munchy has a small, uninstructive footprint.

Quick & Easy Clean Down

To avoid cross-contamination and for minimum downtime the mini Munchy is of open construction for easy and quick cleaning.

Low Noise, Low Dust

The mini Munchy has been designed to operate with minimum noise levels and minimum dust particles

Quick & Easy Maintenance

The mini Munchy is designed so that the operator can undertake all routine maintenance without the assistance of a specialist maintenance engineer.

Energy Efficient Operation

The mini Munchy is designed specifically for on-line edge trim and is therefore "sized” accordingly.

Direct Drive AC technology ensure maximum power transfer for energy efficient recycling.

Direct Feeding (On-Line)

Edge trims are delivered directly onto the Munchy Screw so there is no need for any size reducing operation.

The direct feeding means minimum thermal degradation which in turn delivers a higher quality of pellet.

1st Class Pellets

The quality of pellets produced by the mini Munchy are of the highest quality enabling a greater % to be used in the main production operation = larger cost savings


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