Boston Matthews extrusion equipment supports fight against Covid-19

Boston Matthews has been designing and manufacturing extrusion machinery for over 65 years at their Worcester Head Office and production site.
Amongst many sectors, it provides extrusion lines and individual machines to the Medical Device & Life Sciences Industries and have shipped multiple complete lines and individual machines to UK and abroad over the years.
Recently, Boston Matthews has received a specific order for multiple machines from an existing customer, a World renowned manufacturer of medical devices. These machines will be directly used to produce several products specifically for the treatment of Covid-19 and therefore it is essential that given the current situation we are able to supply the equipment.
"We have responded to the enquiry promptly and are confident and extremely proud to be the chosen manufacturer of this equipment and to be actively playing a part in trying to resolve and assist during this pandemic.” says Richard Brookes, Boston Matthews
Boston Matthews have also been able to supply spare parts to customers who have urgent contracts directly with the NHS. "We were very pleased to be able to respond immediately to their request and ship the needed parts that same day.” continues Richard Brookes.
About Boston Matthews:
Boston Matthews is a global company that supports in excess of 35,000 machines in over 70 countries. Head Offices and manufacturing facilities are based in, England which are further supported by facilities in Coral Springs, Florida, USA and Shanghai, China.
Boston Matthews has designed and manufactured extrusion machinery to the medical industry for more than 40 years including specialised turn-key applications as:

  • PS (Styrene) Pipette Tubes
  • Single & Multi Lumen Tubing
  • Burette Tubing
  • Bubble ‘Bump’ Tubing
  • FEP/PFA Canula
  • Fluorocarbons
  • PVC Clear & Frosted Tubing for Catheters etc
  • Blood Bags
  • Radio Opaque Tubing
  • Polyurethane & Nylon Tubing
  • Peristaltic Tubing
  • Fluorocarbons

Article written by BPF (British Plastics Federation), April 9th 2020
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