Turn-Key Extrusion Lines For Re-Sealable Zipper Profiles

Boston Matthews has developed a complete extrusion line for the production of "Zipper" Profiles for use within the reseable packaging industry.

The extrusion of Zippers is a complex operation due to the precise 'interlocking' characterstics of each element of the zipper and with the final zipper tolerance requirements. Therefore it is essential that every element of the extrusion line performs with precision consistency at all times.

All types of Zippers specifications/construction are capable of being produced including PE, PP, EVA, 1 layer, 2 layers, 2 layers with coloured strip etc

We work with you at every stage of the project.

Understanding Zipper Production

The extrusion of Zippers is a specialist area and a complete understanding of the requirements is essential in order to provide the best turn-key system. Boston Matthews understands the Zipper Construction; Polymers associated with Zippers; The Quality requirements of the final Zipper and acceptable production outputs.

A Complete Turn-Key Solution

Boston Matthews design and manufacture the complete extrusion line for Zippers include the complex tooling and specialised drying equipment giving you the benefit of Single-Source Supply.

Methods of Zipper Production - Flexible Production

Boston Matthews understand that customers requirements are not the same.

We listen to needs and requirements of all customers and this is reflected in the choice of equipment we are able to provide.

Whether the Zipper is to be produced as a single profile or as two through to Medium Speed and High Speed Line Options

Options in Line Speed

Boston Matthews understand that customers requirements differ and therefore we have developed Zipper Extrusion Lines to meet with these differing demands:

  • Medium Speed Zipper Extrusion Line

  • High Speed Zipper Extrusion Line

High Speed Automatic Winding Technology

When high speed zipper production is required Boston Matthews has developed an fully automatic high speed winder allowing customers to produce Zippers at the highest possible speeds.

Multi-Layer Extrusion Technology

Boston Matthews has extensive knowledge of multi-layer extrusion which is necessary when Zippers require adhesive, coloured strip etc

Extrusion Line Control

Using Boston Matthews SMART Control production data and quality can be recorded and exported for traceability. The ability to log production conditions and to export to various platforms such as Ethernet, SCADA, Excel, etc gives you and your customers the information you need when you need it.


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