All ranges, all ages, all parts

We understand that when you need a part, you need it fast.

Munchy has dedicated Parts Departments in the USA (and UK)to ensure that we react to your requirements in the quickest time possible. With machine records stretching back over 50 years and with over $1,000,000 of spare parts in stock (within all Spares Departments) we are pleased to say that 99.97% of spare parts enquiries are despatched the same day.

All Ranges (Current, P, K, etc), All Ages

Munchy supports all machine ranges with spare parts.


mini Munchy; Munchy 40; Munchy 60; Munchy 100; Munchy 150; Munchy 200; Munchy 250; Munchy 300; Munchy 1000; Muncher 100; Muncher 150; Muncher 200; Muncher 300

P RANGE: P40; P55; P75; P80; P90; P100; P120; P130; P160

K RANGE: MT; K40; K55; K100; K200; K300

We have dedicated spare parts departments to deal with your request in the fastest manner possible.

Parts In Stock

Munchy carries a large inventory of parts for rapid dispatch.

We also have in-house component manufacturing facilities for rapid part production.

Replacement Screws & Barrels

If you are experiencing a drop in output from your Munchy then it might be caused by a worn screw and/or barrel.

We can provide you with a direct replacement screw and barrel. Our Engineers can also assist with the removal of the existing screw and barrel and the fitting of the replacement.

Common Parts

  • Screws - refresh your current Munchy !
  • Barrels - including Straight & Splined
  • Barrel Heaters - Mica & Ceramic
  • Die Face Heaters
  • Dicer Blades - Teflon & Non-Coated
  • Wire Mesh Filters
  • Driven In-Feed Rollers
  • Screen Changers
  • Die Faces
  • Blade Arm Holders
  • Dicer Assembly
  • Water Cooling Assembly
  • Screen Packs
  • Thermocouples & Electrical Items
  • Motors & Gearboxes

Recommended Parts Lists & Advice

Our Spares Team will be happy to provide you with a list of recommended spare parts for your Munchy, regardless of it's age.

This can assist with your maintenance/purchasing departments to identity parts and avoid machine downtime.

For assistance and advice please email

Spares Brochure

Spare Parts For Older Munchy Machines

Spare Parts For Current Munchy Ranges

Replacement Parts including Screws & Barrels

Spares Parts Service & Technical Support

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Spares Team -

Spare Parts Order Form

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