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It's a K Year !

Yes it's come around again and Munchy will be there again in full force.

We will be located at the heart of Hall 16 with a big presence.

We look forward to showing off our latest developments and welcoming you all onto our stand.

See you there !

Hall 16, Stand B22

Munchy - The Original Recycing Solution

Munchy invented the Dual-Diameter Screw and is the original recycling system for Blown Film.

Today, over 40 years on the same proven technology is incorporated into the range and the Munchy Dual-Diameter Screw maintains the best method of turning scrap film plastic into 1st Class Pellets.

Munchy Teams Up With Grip Equipment in Canada

Munchy is pleased to announce the new appointment of Grip Equipment as their representatives in Canada.

Grip Equipment has many years experience spanning several sectors including plastics and packaging and will be responsible for the sales, promotion and support of the Munchy range of Plastics Recycling Machines for Alberta and British Columbia.

Delta, BC Canada

Phone: +1.604.889.1855


Expansion Munchy Appoint New UK & Ireland Sales Manager

Recycling machinery maker Munchy is pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Henstock as the new Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland.

 An engineer by profession, Graham has over 20 years technical engineering sales experience and will be responsible for both the Boston Matthews range of Extruders, Downstream Equipment Ranges and Complete Turn-Key Extrusion Lines as well as the Munchy Range of Recycling Systems.

Munchy Managing Director Simon Brookes stated "We are delighted to have Graham on board where he will provide the necessary technical sales support for our wide range of customers in the UK & Ireland.”

Boston Matthews  design and manufacture Extruders, Downstream Equipment and Complete Extrusion Lines.

Since 2002 with the purchase of Munchy the company also design and manufacture machinery for the recycling of plastics into re-useable 1st class pellets.

Plastics Processors Turning To Recycling

Recycling machinery manufacturer MUNCHY has reported a significant rise in the level of enquiries from processors wishing to recycle their scrap and waste materials into pellets that can be re-used back into their production operation. The company is conducting a higher number of material trials for customers and as a result the number of orders for recycling systems is greater than this time last year. After lengthy discussions with a wide range of processors from around the world MUNCHY can state that the main contributory factors to this increased interest in recycling is due to the heavy rise in production costs mainly caused by the price of polymer, rising energy bills and increased transportation costs. With machine payback in approximately one year or less in some cases, processors are making the investment now in order to remain competitive.

 MUNCHY President Simon Brookes states " We have experienced an increase in enquiries from a much wider sphere of applications and industries than those traditionally associated with recycling. Companies from all markets and sectors now recognise the importance and value of gaining maximum return and profitability in all of their operations. An investment in a recycling unit was seen as secondary to that of production equipment but recently organisations have realized there is a real cost saving to be made through recycling and are making the investment now. Until recently organisations were happy for much of their scrap to be collected or even paid for it to be collected. Now they are looking to utilise that scrap to its full potential and make savings.”

The launch of Muncher has also been a contributory factor in enabling organisations to maximise their full scrap potential. The Muncher’s ability to recycle a wide range of material forms makes it more appealing than ‘traditional recycling systems that were aimed primarily at the blown film and sheet industries. Manufacturers that have bags, bales, ropes, non-wovens, EPS, sacks, etc can reprocess this scrap waste into high quality grade pellets for utilisation in the main production operation. The Muncher is also easy to clean and therefore allows for a number of differing materials and polymer blends to be reprocessed without the fear of cross-contamination or lengthy clean down.

MUNCHY Recycling Systems are capable of reprocessing a wide range materials and material forms with outputs of 8 to 1,250 Kg/hr.

The MUNCHY Range includes mini Munchy, MUNCHY AIR, MUNCHY WATER, The MUNCHER

New High Output Munchy with Air Cooling

Plastics recycling machinery manufacturer Munchy is pleased to announce the introduction of a new high output air recycling machine.

The Munchy 150 Air is capable of reprocessing scrap plastics into high quality pellets at up to 150 Kg/hr (330 lb/hr). The pellets can then be re-used in the main production operation.

 Using Munchy’s Dual-Diameter Screw Technology the scrap plastic material is not subjected to any unnecessary thermal degradation normally associated with a size reduction operation allowing for air cooling to be performed at higher outputs. The direct feeding onto the screw also ensures a higher quality of pellet is produced allowing for a greater percentage to be used back into the main production operation increasing cost savings and efficiency.

 The Munchy 150 Air is designed to be compact with simple, low cost operation. Direct Drive AC Technology reduces energy consumption whilst reducing operating noise levels and routine maintenance. The machine has been designed so that all routine maintenance can be carried out by the operator which eliminates the need for expensive maintenance personnel and downtime waiting for assistance.

 Munchy President Simon Brookes stated "Air as a cooling method is preferred over Water pelletising systems because it reduces the machine footprint

and overall is a "cleaner” more simple operation. Machine clean down is easier and quicker so the ability to switch materials without the risk of cross contamination is made easier.”

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