New High Output Munchy with Air Cooling

Plastics recycling machinery manufacturer Munchy is pleased to announce the introduction of a new high output air recycling machine.

The Munchy 150 Air is capable of reprocessing scrap plastics into high quality pellets at up to 150 Kg/hr (330 lb/hr). The pellets can then be re-used in the main production operation.

 Using Munchy’s Dual-Diameter Screw Technology the scrap plastic material is not subjected to any unnecessary thermal degradation normally associated with a size reduction operation allowing for air cooling to be performed at higher outputs. The direct feeding onto the screw also ensures a higher quality of pellet is produced allowing for a greater percentage to be used back into the main production operation increasing cost savings and efficiency.

 The Munchy 150 Air is designed to be compact with simple, low cost operation. Direct Drive AC Technology reduces energy consumption whilst reducing operating noise levels and routine maintenance. The machine has been designed so that all routine maintenance can be carried out by the operator which eliminates the need for expensive maintenance personnel and downtime waiting for assistance.

 Munchy President Simon Brookes stated "Air as a cooling method is preferred over Water pelletising systems because it reduces the machine footprint

and overall is a "cleaner” more simple operation. Machine clean down is easier and quicker so the ability to switch materials without the risk of cross contamination is made easier.”