Compact On-Line Recycling

The mini MUNCHY has been designed specifically for use within the blown film industry to provide small, energy efficient, non-obstructive recycling of edge trim. It’s compact and ‘open construction’ allow for low maintenance, non-operator dependent and on-line operation. AC vector and direct-drive technology ensures that maximum power is transferred for energy efficient recycling. Plugs and sockets allow for routine maintenance to be carried out by the operator without the need to wait for dedicated maintenance personnel. The Air Pelletising System is quick and easy to access for efficient cleaning whilst eliminating the problems associated with water cooled systems.

 MUNCHY states "There has never been more pressure upon manufacturers to recycle their scrap material and maximise their profitability. The introduction of these two new ranges means that Munchy can provide the most complete recycling system to meet with the exact demands of the processor.”