Microduct Tube

Boston Matthews manufacture complete Multi-Layer Extrusion Lines specifically for the manufacture of Microduct Tubing

Boston Matthews manufacture complete Multi-Layer Extrusion Lines specifically for the manufacture of Fibre Optic Ducting.

Typical polymers such as HDPE and Silicon are processed in multi-layer form to adhere to industry standards and specifications (wall thickness, UV Stablised, Temperature Resistence, etc) and to ensure good "blow distances" are achieved.

The tube can be striped and printed for identification and distance marking.

Tube quality control management systems and automatic layering ensure ducting is produced to the highest standard.

A Complete Turn-Key Solution

Boston Matthews design and manufacture the complete turn-key extrusion line.

This includes extruders, tooling and all downstream equipment. As a single-source of supply you are guaranteed complete machinery integration and ease of communication and service.

Multi-Layer Technology

Boston Matthews has extensive experience of multi-layer extrusion ensuring the layers are produced with correct thickness and ovality. Co-Extruders are easy to positon for exact alignment and small flow adapters further enhances tube quality.

Tube Quality Control & Management

Precision accuracy and consistency is found in every stage and process of the extrusion line.

Tube Quality Management Systems have been incorporated to ensure that tube quality is constantly monitored and maintained providing: -

  • Closed Loop Laser Diameter Control
  • PLC Line Control
  • Wall Thickness Monitoring
  • Out of Tolerance Tube Rejection Systems – Loss in Weight; Lump Recognition; Diameter Measurement; etc

Tube Traceability

Using Boston Matthews SMART Control production data and quality can be recorded and exported for traceability. The ability to log production conditions and to export to various platforms such as Ethernet, SCADA, Excel, etc gives you and your customers the information you need when you need it.

Microduct Winding

Consistent tube winding systems ensure the completed Microduct is layered neatly onto the chosen spool size for easy packing and transportation.


In-line printing of the Mircoduct for tube identification is fully integrated into the extrusion line.


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