Heat Shrink Tube

Boston Matthews design and manufacture complete extrusion lines for the production of Heat Shrink Tubing.

Boston Matthews design and manufacture complete extrusion lines for the production of Heat Shrink Tubing.

Typical polymers including PVDF (Fluorocarbon), FEP, PTFE, PVC and Viton.

Tube configurations (1,2,3 layers, colors, stripes, with/without adhesive, etc) are capable of being extruded to close tolerances (both ID and OD) with a high quality surface finish and coiled in preparation for the Cross-Linking and Expansion operations.

A Turn-Key Solution - The Complete Line

Boston Matthews design and manufacture the complete extrusion line.

This includes extruders, tooling and all downstream equipment.

As a single-source of supply you are guaranteed complete machinery integration and ease of communication and service.

Multi-Layer Technology

Boston Matthews has extensive experience of multi-layer extrusion ensuring the layers are produced with correct thickness and ovality.

Jockey Extruders are easy to positon for exact alignment and small flow adapters further enhances tube quality.

High Temperature & Fluorocarbon Processing

The processing of Fluorocarbons is a specialist area and Boston Matthews has manufactured extruders and extrusion equipment into this field for many years.

We are experienced with the specialist materials that need is associated with machinery manufacture of these polymers and understand their processing requirements.

Energy Efficient Operation

Incorporated in every element of a Boston Matthews Extrusion Line is the latest technology to ensure precision, energy efficiency and ease of use.

  • PLC

  • Servo,

  • AC Vector,

  • Laser Diameter Control

  • Ultra Sonics and much more.

Processing Experts

Boston Matthews has more than 50 years’ polymer processing and machinery manufacturing experience and with over 35,000 machines is a World leader in extrusion technology.

Working With You

Boston Matthews "listens” and works with your team to ensure you have the best solution for your business.

At the very cutting edge of extrusion we understand the importance of working closely with our customers.


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