Cosmetic (Squeeze, Soft) Tube Extrusion Lines

Quick Change Technology - for today's tube market

Developed in partnership with tube manufacturers for flexible, quick change production.

The packaging industry moves fast and therefore it is essential that its suppliers can respond immediately to those demands. By listening to the requirements of tube (sleeves) manufacturers from around the world, Boston Matthews has developed extrusion line technology to provide them with the means to meet their ever demanding customers.

We listen to the needs of tube makers.

Flexible production is the key to success.


Designed For Today's Tube Production

Boston Matthews ‘listens’ to the requirements of the market and the needs of tube makers. We therefore work with you to provide a solution to match your exact demands for your business.

EVERY element of the Boston Matthews Cosmetic Tube Line has been designed to provide maximum flexibility and the highest quality tube output. These allow the tube (sleeve) maker to benefit from:

  • Fast & Easy Colour or Polymer Blend Changes
  • Fast & Easy Tube Specification Changes - quick change throughout the line
  • Produce 1,2,3,4,5 Layers on the same line 
  • Recipe Storage & Set-up assistance
  • Precision Accurate & Consistent Tube Cutting
  • Tube sizes 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 38mm, 39mm, 40mm, 45mm, 49mm, 50mm, 60mm

Quick Change Technology

Tube making has changed and batch sizes are not always as large as they once were.

Listening and understanding the needs of tube makers Boston Matthews introduced new die head technology to tube makers which enables them to change tube specification quickly and without very little line disruption.

We have also empowered them to undertake important die head clean down under their own control, without complexity and by their own operators.

Highest Quality Tubes

Polymer Processing Expertise = Highest Quality Tubes

Boston Matthews has over 50 years’ polymer processing experience and is fully understands the processing of the materials associated with tube production including PE; EVA; EVOH; Masterbatch; Pearlescent; Soft Touch, Recycled materials.

Squeeze Tube Cutting

Clean Square Tube Cutting

Boston Matthews Cosmetic Tube Cutter ensures a clean, square cut every time ready to be transferred to the Heading Machine. Capable of cutting at a range of cut lengths and speeds to meet with the production requirements at the time.

Tube Quality Management

Producing the highest quality of tube at all times is essential. Incorporated in the Boston Matthews Cosmetic Tube Line is the latest technology to ensure tube quality is maintained at all times.

This includes PLC Smart Control; Laser Diameter Control; Out of tolerance rejection systems.

Tube Heading & Printing

Boston Matthews Cosmetic Tube Extrusion can be easily integrated with any Heading Machine.

We work closely with all Heading Machine and Printer manufacturers to ensure complete integration of the entire system is smooth and trouble free.

Line Control

SMART PLC with colour touch-screen control is simple to operate yet provides you with total control over tube production. All production data is captured and can easily be exported for analysis via Ethernet and SCADA System. Access to as little or as much data, settings, alarms etc is for you to decide – you are in control. Change the language of the control system at the touch of button

SMART was developed in-conjunction with extrusion line operators to provide the most comprehensive and easy to use control system available.


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Can I run at faster line speeds than the Medium Speed Line offers?

Yes, we also manufacturer a High Speed Line which runs at up to 30m/min

Can I produce mono layer tube on the multi-layer line?

Yes. With the 5 layer head you can run 1,2,3,4 or 5 layers without making any adjustment.

Is the Boston Matthews Squeeze Tube Line compatible with my existing Heading Machine?

Yes, all Boston Matthews Squeeze Tube Lines are compatible with all manufacturers of Heading Machine including Aisa, Combi-Tool, PSG, and others.

My operators do not speak English, is the control system available in other languages?

The Smart system can display any language at the touch of a button.

Can the tubes be feed to the Heading Machine on-line?

Yes, the tubes are cut with a clean, Square finish so they will fit onto the mandrels without a problem.

Can the line process additives such as Pearlescent, Soft Touch etc?

Yes. Masterbatch, EVA, EVOH and a wide range of additives can be processed.

What is the range of tube sizes that can be produced?

Tube diameters range from 16mm to 60mm

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