Reddiplex poised for 35 per cent capacity growth

Manufacturer of plastic and rubber extrusions, Reddiplex, has recently invested in two high specification extruders from Boston Matthews Machinery, bringing the total number of extrusion lines to 37 and increasing capacity by 35 percent.

The Worcestershire-based company says the new lines are the latest in a continuous programme of investment, allowing it to develop additional capabilities following strong growth in demand for complex extrusion across several market sectors.

For example, Reddiplex now undertakes the co-extrusion of small to medium sized profiles of PP, TPE and PVC, whilst a specific line exists to produce tube and pipe up to 120mm in diameter. The rapid expansion of Reddiplex’s G2G dry joint range has also resulted in a dedicated extrusion line for this product that joins interior glass panels without the need for sealant.

"The company’s commitment to investment and expansion is exemplary,” said Reddiplex’ Technical Manager, Martyn Terry. "With the latest acquisition bringing the total to 37 extrusion lines, we’re confident that we can satisfy every eventuality where extrusion is concerned.”

Reddiplex says along with UK growth, it is also experiencing an upswing in exports, with 25 per cent of turnover coming from customers globally.

Jude Chard, Director and General Manager of Reddiplex, said that alongside the investments in its manufacturing capabilities, it has additionally invested in its people.

"As our company grows, it’s not just equipment that we must invest in,” she explained. "We’re constantly developing and empowering our specialist team so that they can provide the best possible service to our customers, however complex and intricate the project.

"Whilst extrusion technology within the plastic and rubber sector has not changed dramatically, it’s the expertise of the staff operating the machines and those in the technical department selecting materials, implementing design and planning tooling that really benefit the customer.”