Extrusion Lines for the Automotive Industry

New Automotive Extrusion Lines:

A combination of over 50 years extrusion line manufacturing experience together with the incorporation of the latest technology has produced an extrusion line to meet with high demands for quality and performance associated with manufacturing components for the automotive industry. The line is capable of producing fuel lines in accordance with the known automotive industry standards including tube structures, tolerances and polymers (PA, PVDF, PBT, ETFE, EVOH, etc.)

In addition to producing the necessary accuracy and performance to meet the quality levels required the new line from Boston Matthews provides manufacturers with such features that allow them to remain competitive in today’s global market. These include complete production flexibility; fast set-up and change-over; energy efficient operation; quick and easy maintenance; and product traceability.

Accuracy, Energy-Efficient & Low Maintenance;

Advanced Screw Design, AC Vector and Direct-Drive technology ensure precision accuracy and maximum energy efficiency at all times as well as providing a clean extrusion operation with maintenance reduced to an absolute minimum.

Precision accurate and easy to adjust Vacuum Calibration and Cooling Systems ensure the tube is produced to the exact tolerance specification required and with a high quality surface finish. AC Flux Vector Caterpillar Haul-Off and Servo-Cutting ensure precision accurate, clean, swarfless cut lengths are continuously produced. If the fuel lines are required to be coiled then a choice of Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Winding Systems are available to meet the exact requirements of the production operation.

Understanding the pressures faced by today’s manufacturers Boston Matthews have designed the line so that any routine maintenance required can be quickly and easily undertaken by the operator without the need for dedicated maintenance personnel. This not only reduces (and in some cases) eliminates the need for dedicated maintenance personnel it ensures the line is only out of production for a minimum amount of time. Sales Director Simon Brookes states "The design philosophy behind all Boston Matthews Extrusion Lines is to satisfy the production demands faced by our customers today and at the centre of that is the ability to be completely flexible and maintain performance at all times.”

New Die Head Technology Provides Greater Production Flexibility:

Boston Matthews Helix Die Head Technology has many essential advantages over ‘alternative’ die head design including the ability to produce mono and multi-layer fuel lines on the same line without any disruption and therefore allowing the manufacturer to benefit from complete production flexibility.  Material change over or die head cleaning is very fast and non-complex and can be undertaken completely in-house and therefore remains under the complete control of the fuel line manufacturer.

Tube Quality Management & Traceability:

Automatic Laser Diameter Control Measuring System further ensures tube specification is always adhered to as well as providing assistance during line start-up.

Complete PLC control through the SMART system is also available with the Automotive Fuel Line.  The SMART colour touch-screen control system allows for simple line operation and quick start-up as well as providing essential tools for the tube manufacturer’s management Password protection ensures line settings and production security is always controlled and maintained. Production data, including all process variables is fully accessible and transferable through a variety of means including Ethernet and modem. This allows for production data to be used for product quality analysis, traceability and efficiency reports. Simon Brookes states "The Smart control system provides the manufacturer with the means to control the extrusion operation as well as the ability to access a large amount of data if required.”