Boston Matthews Launch Space Saving, Fully Adjustable Jockey Extruder


Boston Matthews has introduced a space-saving vertical jockey (coextruder) and main extruder production set-up. The extruders are situated on a common base, reducing the usual footprint to a minimum while saving production space.

The unit shown comprises of a 3-in. (75-mm) main single-screw extruder with a 1-in. (30-mm) coextruder. Boston Matthews offers a range of extruder sizes/outputs to meet the customer’s specific requirements. This also includes options for the processing of fluorocarbons and high-temperature polymers such as PEEK.

The vertical machine can be moved up and down, forward and back, and can be swiveled a complete 270°. This reduces alignment procedures to fine adjustments. The precision fine adjustment will help to simplify and reduce set-up time, while minimizing the risk of damage to the tooling during the process.

Both extruders are controlled by one central control system using the Boston Matthews Smart Control System. This is a color touch-screen PLC that provides total control, recipe storage, alarms, trending, network connectivity, management set security levels, production data export and production monitoring safety controls.

AC, direct-drive technology provides precision screw speed holding for the highest quality melt and output performance whilst at the same time ensuring maximum energy efficiency is obtained. Direct-Drive also is said to greatly reduces operational noise, dust and routine maintenance.